Authors who submit their works for publication in the Eurasian Arabic Studies journal guarantee that the articles are original (not previously published in other publications), are not under consideration in the editors of other publications, and all possible conflicts of interests related to copyright and publication of the articles under consideration are settled. The authors certify that their publication does not violate any of the existing copyrights and guarantee the publisher damages in case of detection of such violations.

Editorial policy of the journal does not allow:

* copying more than 10 percent of the scientific work of a third party without reference to the work (should be given references to the source in quotation marks);

* inclusion of elements of another person's work without attribution (figure, table, paragraph without acknowledgment). Authors must obtain permission from the copyright holder to use elements of his work;

* self-plagiarism. The authors should note that this scientific work is published for the first time. When publishing some paragraphs of the manuscript earlier in other works, the authors are obliged to refer to the earlier work, to indicate the significant difference between the new work and the previous one and, at the same time, to identify its relationship with the results of research and conclusions presented in the previous work. Verbatim copying of own works and their paraphrasing is forbidden.

In references authors may include materials that were prepared by them earlier (in the course of the study, which is the basis of the submitted article), including conference materials, presentations from seminars, etc.

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