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Eurasian Arabic Studies


The scientific journal “Eurasian Arabic Studies” is established by the Institute of international relations of the Kazan (Volgaregion) Federal University in order to preserve the traditions of the Kazan school of Oriental studies as an integral part of Russian Oriental studies.

The journal is included in the List of Higher Attestation Commission the group of specialties:

5.6.2. General History. Historical sciences
5.6.7. History of international relations and foreign policy. Historical sciences
5.9.2. Literature of the peoples of the world. Philological sciences
5.9.6. Languages of the peoples of foreign countries (Arabic (Afroasian group), English) indicating a specific language or group of languages). Philological sciences
5.9.8. Theoretical, Applied and Comparative Linguistics. Philological sciences

The journal covers the following research areas: theological analysis of sacred texts; study of historical, archaeological, religious and cultural context of sacred texts and their interpretation in this context; comparative historical, typological and comparative linguistics; theoretical and practical aspects of the Arabic language; theory and methods of teaching Arabic; linguoculturology and intercultural communication; history and culture of Arab civilization.

Eurasian Arabic Studies is an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal. Only original previously unpublished scientific articles, review papers, reviews, information materials corresponding to the research areas of the journal in Russian, Tatar, English, Arabic, Spanish and French can be proposed.

The scientific journal aims to unite the potential of leading domestic and foreign scientists and specialists in the above-mentioned fields of research to contribute tothe further development of Arabic Studies. The publication is intended for scientists, doctoral students and postgraduates.

Executive Editor: N.G. Mingazova, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor (Kazan, Russia) https://kpfu.ru/Nailya.Mingazova?p_lang=2

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